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Berghain by Magnus Iuel Berg

udvalgte datoer fra d. 13. august til d. 10. september

An Alice-in-Wonderland journey through the famous Berliner disco. Berghain is the to many the capital of techno music, and here, the party never stops.
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Tickets: www.teaterbilletter.dk

“Berghain is brave, honest and above all a huge amount of fun. Embrace it. Go in your leather, bring a collar and a leash, wear a strap-on! Or whatever. Berghain doesn’t hold back and neither should you.” - Copenhagen Post-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
“Acid trip with sex dreams and hallucinations lively rolling through the night club in Magnus Iuel Berg’s piece, Berghain…”. Information

Featuring text by Reumert-winning playwright Magnus Iuel Berg and music composed and performed live by Simon Muschinsky, from the famous Danish band When Saints Go Machine.

Starring: DJ Simon Muschinsky, Daniel Niel Ash, Kristen Flanagan, Theresa Mangara, Jon G. Vopnfjörð, Chris Vincent
Directed by: Jeremy M. Thomas
Written by: Magnus Iuel Berg
Composer: Simon Muschinsky
Produced by: Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre